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Discover the University of Konstanz and study, research or teach at the Department of Computer Science and Information Science.

One of the leading young German universities with an international top position.
(THE 100 Under 50)

An excellent university

The University of Konstanz is one of eleven universities in Germany that have earned a prestigious designation in the government’s Excellence Initiative, which reflects the high quality of the university’s teaching and research. This is also confirmed by international rankings:

Times Higher Education (THE 100 Under 50) rates the University of Konstanz in 2016 as the leading young German universities with an international top position - first position in Germany and 7th place worlswide.

The campus is characterised by the interconnectedness of the buildings housing the 13 departments, designed to promote interdisciplinary collaboration, together with the stunning view over the Lake Constance and the Swiss mountains in the distance.

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  • Innenhof und Ausblick auf die Mainau
    Innenhof und Ausblick auf die Mainau
  • Studenten arbeiten in der Bibliothek
    Studenten arbeiten in der Bibliothek
  • Studenten am Campusbrunnen
    Studenten am Campusbrunnen
  • Foyer der Bibliothek
    Foyer der Bibliothek

A joint research focus

Our Professors and lectures do among others joint research in the area of Explorative Analysis and Visualization of Large Information Space. This common research framework is unique in Germany and internationally highly acknowledged.

Research at our department

Course catalogue

Courses taught in English

The Department of Computer and Information Science offers no compulsory courses or a fixed course structure in the advanced study period of our bachelor programmes (from the 5th semester) and in the master programme. Instead students compile an individual study plan according to their study specialization, selected from a pool of departmental advanced level courses.  All advanced level courses are taught in English. Good English skills (at least level B2) are highly recommended for a successful completion of the courses.

Courses offered exclusively in German

 Please note: compulsory courses from the basic study period  of our bachelor programmes in Computer Science and in Information Engineering (1st-4th semester) are only offered in German! Good German language skills (at least level B2) are therefore highly recommended.

A dynamic place to study, live and work

Konstanz is the largest city at Lake Constance with a population of about 80,000 citizens. The lake and the surrounding area (the Alps, Black Forest) provide excellent opportunities for leisure activities, such as swimming, skiing, hiking, or mountain biking. The town’s cultural offerings range from the open-air festival “Rock am See” to the famous “Seenachtfest” and the regional carnival. There are a number of dynamic IT-companies in the in the heart of the City of Konstanz and the local area offering great job and internship opportunities for IT-specialists. Many of these companies are also associated with cyberLAGO the local IT-network. The Swiss city Zurich is just around 45 minutes away from Konstanz and can easily be reached by public transport service or car.