Study and work in Konstanz

Study abroad at the University of Konstanz while gaining work experience in Germany.

Study and work - an overview

1)  Before coming to Konstanz

  • Compile your study plan (see below) and read our guidelines on module selection - be aware that slight changes to your learning agreement may occur.
  • Contact your Erasmus coordinator at the University of Essex to discuss the requirements for your internship period (e.g. final report).
  • Make sure you understand how the Erasmus Placement programme works in the UK and apply for extra funding.

2) While you study at the University of Konstanz

  • December: consult with our Erasmus coordinator to plan your internship period, discuss your internship preferences and find out which application documents you are required to submit.
  • January: apply for an internship supported by our department, sign the traineeship agreement, apply for Erasmus funding.

3) During the internship

  • March: start your internship.
  • July: write the final internship report and submit the report to the departmental Erasmus coordinators at the Universities of Essex and Konstanz.

Your Erasmus exchange in Konstanz

Selecting your modules

During your study exchange here in Konstanz, you are requested to follow one of the study plans listed below and select a more or less fixed set of courses.

Please note that the course structure and the courses available each semester may differ from the options available to you at your home university. Please read the information on course selection for exchange students carefully to find out how the new system works.

Your Erasmus internship

In the second semester, you will either complete an internship in a local company or a research internship in our department.

Research or traineeship agreement

The legal and operative basis for your internship is a research or traineeship agreement between yourself, the University of Konstanz and the company. The traineeship agreement covers the terms and conditions that apply to your internship, such as salary, working hours and responsibilities.

You can download a research or traineeship agreement from this page.

ECTS credits on your transcript

Your internship period will be recorded under "internship semester" on your transcript of records and is worth 30 ECTS credits. 1 ECTS credit reflects 30 hours of average workload.

Students are usually expected to submit a final report. But don't worry, your departmental Erasmus coordinator at the University of Essex will discuss any additional requirements and conditions with you. 

A five-month internship

The internship period usually starts in March and ends in July. 

Salary and living expenses

The salary you receive as an intern can vary significantly depending on the company you work for - some employers will not pay anything, others may offer to pay up to 1,500 euros. Please note that even if your internship is unpaid, living and renting a flat is much more affordable over here than it is in the UK. As a University of Essex student, you will enrol at the University of Konstanz for both of your study abroad semesters, complete with a guaranteed place in student accommodation and full student status (i.e. you will be able to benefit from various student discounts).

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We cooperate with a number of IT companies that are members of the local IT network association cyberLAGO. 

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