Study in Europe with Erasmus+

Study abroad at one of our numerous partner universities and gain an entirely new perspective on your subject!

First-hand information about the Erasmus programme

Are you interested in studying at one of our many Erasmus partner universities but would like to receive more information about the programme and perhaps read an experience report first to help you decide? We are happy to consult with you and to introduce you to former Erasmus students from our department. Feel free to contact us for more information. Additional experience reports are available from the SSZ.

Each winter semester, the department offers an information session on study exchange and internship opportunities abroad.

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Our Erasmus partner universities

Key: B: bachelor's students / M: master's students / D: doctoral students /*: no courses taught in English available



Placements/months: 2 x 5 (B, M, D)
Courses taught in English


Placements/months: 1 x 10 (B, M)
Master's programme



Placements/months: 2 x 10 (B, M, D)
Course catalogue

Placements/months: 3 x 10 (B, M, D)
Department DIBRIS



Placements/months: 1 x 6 (B)

international students



Tschechien/Czech Republic

Placements/months: 2 x 10 (B, M, D)
Programme information


Placements/months: 2 x 6 (B, M)
Programme information

Placements/months: 2 x 10 (B, M)
School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering
Special feature: Guaranteed placement in the second term

Placements/months: 1 x 10 (B)
international students