Develop a project during your study exchange

Develop a project for coursework credit

Workload: Bachelor's/master's project: 9 ECTS

Duration: 6 weekly teaching hours (SWS): 6x45 minutes/week

Supervision: provided by a professor in the department

Before coming to the University of Konstanz

Your first step should be to visit our website in order to find out about our working groups and their research fields. Usually, open projects are promoted on the websites of the working groups.

Once you have identified a working group, perhaps even a call for projects, and have talked to your home university, you should contact the leader of the working group (professor) and ask for permission to work on this specific or any other project. You are very welcome to come up with your own proposals and discuss ways of implementing them.

As a visiting student, it is important that you have a clear idea about the content and scope of your project as well as the time you will need to complete it.

Once you have agreed upon a research objective, your host professor at the University of Konstanz will both supervise and examine your project.

Please note: To avoid wasting valuable time, you should conclude all relevant agreements with your home university and with the University of Konstanz prior to travelling to Konstanz and resolve all issues regarding your project!

During your stay at the University of Konstanz

You should meet with your supervisor as soon as you arrive at the University of Konstanz. The sooner you start working on your project, the better.

Please remember that you need to register for your project, just as you would for any other performance assessment. You can download the registration form from our Links and downloads page. We will explain all other modalities during one of the departmental introductory events.

Usually, you will be required to submit a final report or presentation when concluding your project. Please discuss all of this with your supervisor.