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What is the Career Passport and what's in it for you?

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When and where? Tuesday, April 25th, from 10:00 to 10:30 in room D522.
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Why get a Career Passport?

Are you striving towards a career in Germany? Then get your Career Passport to learn all the all the skills and knowledge they need in order to write successful job applications. It shows your future employer that you’re committed to a career in Germany. The Career Passport programme is open to international degree seeking students.

Plus: all career-related activities at a glance.

What’s in it for you?

The Career Passport builds on four pillars and takes around three semesters to complete. Relevant activities you took before starting the Career Passport are accepted as well – please check with the departmental Career Support coordinator.

Pillar 1: Apply

Successfully applying for jobs in Germany may seem like a secret language. The activities in this pillar help you to uncover the hidden stumbling blocks. Learn about how to reach out to employers, how to make most of a career fair and how to write a successful application in Germany – this might be different from your home country, even if it looks similar on the surface.

Pillar 2: Speak

Speaking German makes it easier to get around in Germany and is highly valued by employers – also in international companies. Also, migrants who speak German very well earn around 20 per cent more than those who don’t according to a study (source in German). What are you waiting for?

Pillar 3: Live

Don’t encounter another culture shock when leaving the university cosmos. Be prepared. Take courses in communication, social and personal skills or project management.

Pillar 4: Work

Whether as an intern or while writing your Master’s thesis in a company: Study-related work experience often paves the way to your first job after graduating.

How does it work?

Get your Career Passport

Register for your Career Passport using the registration form.

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Get started by choosing your first activities. We recommend taking the workshop "Developing your career plan" as one of your first activities. Please always check for application deadlines for any activity.

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The must-haves

Take at least all mandatory activities. Take your time – it may take around three semesters to complete the programme. Always bring your career passport brochure if you cannot register for an activity via Studis.

The icing on the cake

Take as many optional activities as you wish.

Ready for graduate life

To get your Career Passport certificate, hand in your stamped brochure, a transcript of records listing any mandatory activities and an employer’s letter to certify your internship.

Get your Career Passport now!

Need advice on career planning and preparing your application documents?

The University’s Career Service can help you to figure out what kind of career might come close to your dream job and give advice on how your application documents should look like. 

Some impression from last year's career fair, organised by the Career Service.