Career Passport activities

Find out about the events, lectures and excursions taking place in the programme.

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Pillar I.: Apply

Learn which job suits you best, the not-so-secret language of job applications, and much more.

Mandatory activities

Personalised career counselling incl. CV check

Get a free personalised expert advice on generating career ideas and improving your CV and application documents. Make an appointment with the university's Career Service at any time.

Legal requirements for working in Germany

What happens to your visa when your studies come to an end? How do you turn your student visa into a work visa? How do you obtain a blue card? Come along to learn (almost) everything you need to know about the blue card and about turning your student visa into a work visa.

Speaker: Alexandra Frasch, International Office

Thursday, 15.11.2018 / 17:00-18:30 / G 300 / no registration 

Career orientation module

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Visiting the kontaktpunkt career fair

No matter what your field of study,  there’s a lot for you to discover. Don’t forget to talk to at least three employers and get your Career Passport stamped.

Thursday, 22.11.2018 / 10:00-16:00 / University foyer / no registration / winter semester only

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Compulsory elective activities (choose at least five)

Guide for finding work in Germany

Speaker: Eva Maisel, Career Service

Monday, 08.10.2018/ 09:00-11:00/ G 309/ no registration

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Participate in the university's mentoring programme for career orientation

Women only: Join the university's one-year mentoring programme as well as Mentoringplus for career orientation and benefit from individual mentoring by an experienced professional as well as various career workshops.

N.B. This is not the mentoring programme you are required to complete during your master's programme.

Mandatory registration / deadline November 15th (winter semester) / deadline May 15th (summer semester) / information event 29.10.2018/ 16:00/ Y 311 / fees may apply

Legal requirements for working in Germany

Speaker: Alexandra Frasch, International Office

Friday, 15.11.2018 / 17:00-18:30/ G 300 / no registration

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Application documents check

Speaker: Eva Maisel, Career Service

Wednesday, 21.11.2018/ 11:00-13:00/ A5/no registration

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Salary expectations

Have you been already thinking about the salary you would like to get for your IT graduate-level job? Do you have any idea about the avarage salaries in your field? The answer is no? Then join us and meet Mrs Schneider-Irudayam to talk about the salary expectations in IT field. Questions are welcomed.

Friday, 30.11.2018/11:45-12:45/ Y 311

Speaker: Kristina Schneider-Irudayam (SAP Senior Consultant Logistic)

How to optimise my career path ("Developing your career plan")

To be successful in this rapidly changing world, certain soft skills are necessary. What skills are needed in the German industry and how to prepare yourself for such an agil market; which cultural obstacles you might encounter, we will deal with in this workshop. You'll get hands-on tips and exercises to make it work and what you can do to optimize your future career path.

P.S: You find the workshop in your Career Passport under the heading: Developing your career plan. 

Registration (deadline 06.12.2018 at 5pm) necessary under Career Passport

Friday, 14.12.2018/10:00-14:30/ D 435

Speaker: Roberto Hirche (ssi akademie bodensee)

Job application documents in Germany

Speaker: Eva Maisel, Career Service

Wednesday, 16.01.2019/ 17:00-18:00 / G 300 / no registration

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How to prepare for a job interview

Speaker: Eva Maisel, Career Service

Session providing general information about preparation for a job interview. 

 Wednesday, 06.02.2019/ 17:00-18:30/ G 300/ no registration

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There's more!

Feel free to also attend the other workshops, lectures and excursions offered by the university’s Career Service (most of them in German). Additional activities may be recognised on request.

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Pillar II.: Speak

Learning German facilitates working and living here. The university offers a wide range of courses and levels for you to choose from.

Please note: It is important that you pass your language classes, i.e. that you sit the required examinations. Participation as such is not sufficient.

German intensive course

Take a four-week German intensive course (GO Konstanz) in March or September plus a German language course during the semester at the Language Institute (SLI).

Semester courses at the Language Institute

Take two German language courses during the semester at the Language Institute (SLI).

Already taken courses elsewhere?

Submit your language school or university certificate proving your achieved level.

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Pillar III.: Live

Take two courses offered by the Centre for Transferable Skills. As the range of their courses taught in English is limited, we recommend that you consider their German courses as well.

Pillar IV.: Work

Non-university activities can open doors to employment after graduation. A six-week internship/master's thesis with a company or voluntary work with an international student organisation (at least 60 hours during the semester) is mandatory if you are taking the Career Passport programme. Applying for an internship follows the same rules as applying for a graduate job. Please exercise due care when preparing your application documents (motivation letter, CV, references).

If you cannot do an internship or already have work experience related to your master's studies (in Germany), please contact the Career Passport coordinator.