Exam registration

Registration deadlines and regulations for course-related performance assessments

Please be aware that you must register for all course-related performance assessments and coursework for courses offered by the department during the applicable registration period using the StudIS portal only.

Registration via StudIS

Registration periods (winter semester 2019/20)

01.10.2019 - 04.11.2019

Lectures 1st exam period
09.12.2019 - 03.02.2020
Lectures 2nd exam period
16.03.2020 - 23.03.2020

Directed Studies / compact courses
varying registration periods,
see StudIS/Examinations

01.10.2019 - 31.03.2020
(Registration via form, can be found under Links and Downloads)

During the registration periods, you can register for and withdraw from examinations via StudIS. You do not need to provide reasons.

Exams in other departments

Please note: Registration periods and rules differ between departments. If you want to register for examinations in courses offered by other departments, the registration periods and rules of the respective departments apply. This also applies to compulsory lectures in mathematics and statistics.

Further information

If you experience technical problems while attempting to register in StudIS, you can also register or withdraw from exams using a paper form . Please submit your registration form to the examination office within the registration period.

You will not be permitted to sit a course-related performance assessment if you did not register first. If your registration was not processed in time through no fault of your own, please ask your examiner for a “Prüfung unter Vorbehalt” (exam under reserve) form and complete it in order to take part. Your right to take an examination and the reasons for the mistake will be reviewed by the Examination Office later. We recommend that you check the information in StudIS early and make an appointment with the departmental student advisory service in case something is wrong. After the examiner has marked your examination and entered the results in StudIS, you will be able to view your exam results in your student account.

Regular courses typically consist of lectures and additional practice tutorials. You will need to complete both components belong and will receive an overall grade for both after passing your examination. You must have completed your exercise sheets and collected a sufficient number of credits to obtain the right to sit an examination.

The examination period begins after the lecture period ends. You are free to choose between the first exam date (at the close of or after the lecture period) and the second exam date (towards the end of the lecture-free period). We strongly recommend that you register for the first exam date, so that you can resit the examination in case you failed your first attempt. All beginner courses offered as part of the basic studies take place once a year. This means that your options for resitting a failed examination are limited. If you do not resit a failed exam within one year, you will lose your right to take examinations in computer science and information engineering.