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Recruiting international students

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Internships and job offers

We are happy to publish your current opportunities in our internship portal and gladly inform interested students via email.

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Bachelor's and master's theses

Are you looking for students to complete their bachelor’s or master’s theses in your company? Let's discuss your options!

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Short-term internships for international students

Job shadowing allows you to get to know our students during a one or two-day period - a perfect way of meeting potential future employees. Our students benefit from the chance of learning more about a professional field without having to complete a regular internship - an added bonus for students on tightly scheduled degree programmes.

We are in the process of expanding this service. Your contact: Mateja Borchert (

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We are happy to bring our students to you.

Take your chance to showcase the best of your company to our students as they tour the premises!

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Kontaktpunkt am See

Meet students from our department at the computer science career fair (organised by the University of Konstanz’s Career Service) - at your booth, during a career talk or at a job speed dating event.

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Workshops, networking events and more

We look forward to discussing your own ideas and will be happy to put you in touch with our students.

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Are you looking for highly motivated computer science students to complete an internship at your company or fill a vacant position? We are happy to help! Students studying towards a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science are required to complete a mandatory practical phase, choosing between a six-month internship or a study semester abroad. Students studying towards a bachelor’s degree in Information Engineering or a master’s degree in Computer and Information Science do not have to complete a mandatory internship - we do, however, provide advice and support if they opt for a voluntary internship.

Recruiting international students

Our master's programme in Computer and Information Science, which is entirely taught in English, attracts a great number of highly motivated and qualified international students. Many of them are keen to gain practical work experience in Germany and are interested in internships as well as opportunities for working students and graduate-level jobs. We use the Career Passport programme to prepare our students for the German labour market. The programme focuses on job search and applications, language classes as well as networking events. Would you like to get to know our students, for instance as they tour your company or attend a workshop? We look forward to receiving your email.

Job shadowing

Answers to your questions

How can I announce my internship opportunities at the department?

We are happy to publish your internship opportunity in our internship portal. Please email a PDF file of your internship opportunity to Barbara Lüthke. Our students can search and filter all intership opportunities published on our pages, which is why your announcement should include the following information, if possible:

  • Duration and application deadline
  • Description
  • Requirements, such as computer languages etc.
  • Language requirements

What is the compulsory internship in the bachelor’s programme Computer Science for?

During the six-month compulsory internship, our students have the chance to apply and test, expand and consolidate their theoretical skills and qualifications in practical contexts. It also serves to afford our students insight into potential professional fields.

How long should an internship last?

The compulsory internship in the bachelor’s programme Computer Science should last six months. Voluntary interships are more flexible. However, our Career Passport programme for international students intends for the voluntary internship to last six weeks.

What kind of duties should an internship include?

The internship should help our students develop both personally and professionally. Following a short orientation period, student interns should become as fully integrated in the work process as possible. They are to be given opportunities to carry out assigned and goal-oriented tasks, either independently or as part of a team. Interns should be able to demonstrate their ability to take on challenging and demanding jobs that provide opportunities to use and improve their professional skills. Ideally, our students should gain insights into various professional fields and thereby expand their competencies and qualifications with respect to their studies and careers.

What are the expectations for working hours and vacation time?

Students have to complete their internship within the framework of a full-time position . The tasks should be completed in the advertised working environment, with the normal workload and during regular working hours. Student interns have a right to vacation time that is customary to the respective field he or she is working in. The department does not make any specific stipulations - we recommend that you set down the particulars in an internship contract.

What about insurance coverage?

  1. The University of Konstanz does not provide accident insurance during the internship. Accident insurance must be arranged for independently.
  2. Students who complete a compulsory internship in Germany are not liable to social security contributions. Our students may request confirmation that the internship is required - we are happy to issue the relevant documentation.
  3. Health insurance: Our students must have health insurance while they study. The same applies to internships. Additional insurance coverage for internships completed abroad may be useful - our students will make the relevant arrangements themselves.

Which administrative steps have to be taken before the required internship can be recognised?

The selection, performance, and recognition of the internship occurs in consensus with the internship representative. In order to have their compulsory internship recognised, our students must undergo a reporting process that we need your support with:

  • The preliminary report should briefly list the expected scope of the intern's responsibilities and tasks.
  • At the end of the internship, please write a short report outlining the tasks and duties that the intern actually performed while working for you.

The student will submit these documents to the department for recognition.

Does the department provide written documentation that the internship is required?

Yes, we are happy to. Our students understand this and can request such documentation from the department.