Minor in Computer Science

This study programme is taught (mainly) in German. For further information, please switch your language settings to German.

A working knowledge of computer science is beneficial no matter what field of study you specialise in. Basic knowledge and competencies in this field will give you a decisive edge on the labour market and can be of central importance to achieving success in your own discipline. As a bachelor’s student in the arts and humanities, you may want to consider opting for a minor in computer science in order to gain a basic understanding of the subject.

Many bachelor’s programmes at the University of Konstanz come with the possibility to take additional courses offered by other departments as required electives. Please check the study and examination regulations applying to your individual bachelor’s programme in order to find out which courses offered by our department you can choose from. Generally speaking, the courses offered as part of the minor in computer science are open to all University of Konstanz students. Please consult with the departmental student advisory service or the relevant lecturers if you are interested in taking other modules.