Student reading on the steps of the Library Information Centre
Student reading on the steps of the Library Information Centre

Kick off your studies

Welcome to the Department of Computer and Information Science

Introductory events hosted by the department

We highly recommend that you attend our introductory events for new master's students. We will provide important information about the study programme and you will be able to get a first impression of the department and meet your fellow students before the start of the lecture period.

A summary of the introductory event will be available for download from the Links and downloads page after the event date. However, we would like to point out that this is not a suitable substitute for attending in person - you will miss out on a lot of additional information that you won't find in the PDF.

Please also note our lecture series, which takes place every winter semester. All departmental research groups give short presentations to introduce themselves, their research activities and projects to our new students. Don't miss the chance to learn more about your opportunities here at our department.

New Master students will get to know our departmental study advisors for the respective Bachelor’s and Master’s program, get some first insights from senior students and meet their fellow students on this informal date before the official start of their studies. We will take enough time for your questions and look forward to getting to know you.

  •  Meet the Department for new Master students: tba

Preparatory course for new master's students and for anyone keen to brush up on their Java programming skills. Attendance is highly recommended.

Wednesday 10.10.2018 - Friday 12.10.2018

10:00 - 16:45

H 307

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Important information about the master's programme in Computer and Information Science and advice on taking your first steps. Attendance is highly recommended.

Tuesday 16.10.2018

10:00 - 11:30

P 602

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Takes place in the winter semester only! Learn more about the department, meet our research groups and listen to their presentations (60 mins) about their research, projects and activities.

Wednesday 17.10.2018 - Friday 19.10.2018

10:00 - 17:00

A 701

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Welcome events of the student council

Your first steps

Module selection

Get an overview of all available courses and register for courses/modules by logging in to ZEuS (if required by your lecturer). Please note that the study regulations and registration procedures may differ between departments. If you enrol in courses/modules offered by other departments, please make sure you know the rules and regulations. 


You should plan to complete 30 ECTS for this semester

Areas of specialisation and mentoring programme

Find a specialisation and choose your mentor.

  • Two-year master’s degree: Towards the end of the first semester, but no later than exam registration: contact your mentor and submit the mentor discussion report to the departmental Examination Office (PZ 807)
  • One-year master’s degree: At the beginning of the first semester, but no later than exam registration: contact your mentor and submit the mentor discussion report to the departmental Examination Office (PZ 807)

Exam registration

Please familiarise yourself with the departmental examination regulations! Registering for exams (StudIS) is only possible within the registration period. You can only register or withdraw from exams via StudIS during the official registration period. You cannot register offline. 

You cannot register for exams during the exam registration period unless you have submitted the mentor discussion report to PZ 807!

Recognition of study and examination achievements

Please download the relevant form from our Links and  downloads page. The form and an official transcript of records must be submitted to the departmental Examination Board (please direct to Martin Brunner, PZ 808).

How to use the computers in our computer rooms

In order to be able to use the computers in our computer rooms, you must first register via the ZEuS.  Please log in using your university account and password (you can find the necessary information on the student data sheet you received during enrolment).