E-David beim Robotart-Wettbewerb

Das Team um den Konstanzer Malroboter e-David macht beim Robotart-Wettbewerb mit. Der Gewinner wird durch die Besucher der Webseite http://robotart.org bestimmt. Stimmen Sie mit ab!

ZUR ABSTIMMUNG: http://robotart.org

Robots Have Learned to Paint in Second Year of Robotic Art Contest

Seattle, Wash - April 19, 2017 - It was just announced that Google has developed AI that can sketch images. It should therefore come as no surprise that dozens of robots from around the world are now also painting with a brush, and many of them are quite skilled.

The Robot Art 2017 competition (http://robotart.org) returns for a second year with over 39 painting robots, more than twice the amount of participants it had in its inaugural year. In addition to more robots, there is more artwork this year. More than 200 paintings have been submitted. With regards to the quality of the artwork, the event’s sponsor and organizer, Andrew Conru, sums it up:

“The quality of the paintings for many of the teams have reached levels that are comparable with human artists. Many of this year’s entries are expressive, layered, and complex.”

The Robot Art 2017 competition will be running between now and May 15th when more than $100,000 in awards will be given to the top painting robots. Winners will be determined based on a combination of public voting, professional judges consisting of working artists, critics, and technologists, and by how well the team met the spirit of the competition - that is to create something beautiful using a physical brush and robotics.

The public can see the artwork vote on their favorite robotic paintings at https://robotart.org/artworks/.