A flexible course structure

The Department of Computer Science offers no compulsory courses or fixed course structures in the master's programme. Instead, students can compile an individual study plan according to their study specializations from a pool of advanced level courses.

The main reason for our flexible course structure is that advanced level courses are usually based on our Professor's current research topics. Due to this, course content, structure, number of ECTS credits and title can vary and/or be substituted from one year to another. However, students usually have to face only minor changes. Furthermore our mentoring programme supports you in planning your studies and in making your choice.

ECTS credits and maximum duration of studies

Aim: Courses amounting to 30 ECTS credits per semester.

1 ECTS credit reflects a workload of 30 hours on average. The workload of 30 ECTS credits per semester is approximately equivalent to working in full-time.

The standard period of study assumes a workload of 30 ECTS credits per semester.

Please note that the maximum duration of studies is limited to the standard period of studies + 3 semesters (5 semesters in the case of the one-year standard period of studies and 7 semesters in the case of the two-years standard period of studies).

You can find the programme structure (ECTS and workload) here:

Programme structure

Mentoring Programme

Your master's programme offers you a lot of freedom of choice. Your mentor supports you in planning your studies.

Mentoring Programme


The information concerning course registration is outlined at ZEuS or provided in the first meeting of class, respectively. The procedure may vary, as it is decided by the lecturer how to organise course registration.

Please note that additionally you have to register for all examinations and also for non-graded courses. Further information on the exam registration can be found here.

Course catalogue for the master's programme

You can find information on all courses offered in the master's programme in the electronic course directory at ZEuS.  You can find a thematic classification of courses on the websites of our research groups.

Courses from other departments

In the two-year master's programme, you can choose courses offered by other departments in the supplementary area of studies. You can find suggestions of other departments for students in the course catalogue below (in German). A complete overview of the courses offered by other departments can be found in the LSF when you select the respective study programmes.

Lectures held by other departments (German)

All lectures can be found at ZEuS.

Key competencies

The University of Konstanz offers a wide range of classes and activities which help you to acquire key competencies. To find out more about this you can browse through ZEuS or have a look at the link below.

Key competencies

Language Classes:

The 'Language Institute' (SLI) offers a wide range of different language classes. German classes are offered at all levels – from beginners who have no prior knowledge to immediate or advanced learners. In addition, English and many other languages can be studied at the SLI. Note: For some language classes you have to apply several weeks before the first class takes place. Please note that a maximum of 6 ECTS credits can be recognized for language courses and key competencies.