Mentoring Programme

Your master's programme offers you a lot of freedom of choice. Your mentor supports you in planning your studies.

Who is my mentor?

You can choose your mentor yourself according to your thematic interests. The best way to find the right mentor is to take a look at the websites of our research groups to get an overview on their research orientation.

When should the mentor meeting take place?

The first mentor meeting should take place in the beginning of your first semester. Your mentor will support you in planning your studies and choosing the advanced courses offered in our department as well as courses in other departments which fit into your study profile.

Is the mentor meeting obligatory?

Yes. The mentor meeting has an advisory character and you do not have to follow the suggestions of your mentor. However, at least one mentor meeting is compulsory.  A written confirmation of this meeting, the mentor meeting report, will be submitted to the examination office of the department. This mentor meeting is prerequisite for examination registration in the first semester as well as for the registration of your master's thesis.