Courses / modules

A flexible course structure

As a master’s student studying in the Department of Computer and Information Science, you will notice that there are no compulsory courses or a fixed curriculum. Instead, you will compile your own study plan from the advanced courses offered by the department to fit your individual area of specialisation.

There is no fixed curriculum because our advanced courses are usually based on our professors’ current research topics. This is also why the course content, structure, number of ECTS credits awarded and the title can vary and/or be subject to alteration. But don’t worry, these changes are usually very minor. Please also consider taking part in our mentoring programme – our mentors can help you plan your studies and make the right choices.

ECTS credits and maximum period of study

Aim: Courses amounting to 30 ECTS credits per semester.

On average, 1 ECTS credit reflects a workload of 30 hours. A workload of 30 ECTS credits per semester is approximately equivalent to working full-time.

The standard period of study assumes a workload of 30 ECTS credits per semester.

Please note that the maximum period of study is limited to the standard period of study + 3 semesters (5 semesters for a standard period of study of one year, 7 semesters if the standard period of study is two years).

You can find the programme structure (ECTS and workload) here:

Programme structure

Mentoring programme

Your master's programme offers you a lot of freedom of choice. Your mentor can support you as you plan your studies.

Mentoring programme


To find out how to register for your courses, please visit the ZEuS portal or attend the first meeting of class. The registration process may vary as it is up to the individual lecturers to organise registration.

Please note that you must also register for all examinations and also for non-graded courses. Further information on exam registration can be found here.

Available master's courses

You can find information about all courses offered as part of the master's programme in ZEuS. Please visit the pages of our research groups to view a thematic collection of available courses.

M.Sc. Computer and Information Science

Courses offered by other departments

In the two-year master's programme, you can take a number of supplementary courses offered by other departments. A list of suggestions is available below (in German). Please visit the ZEuS portal for an overview of all courses offered by other departments. Simply select the relevant study programme to view your options.

Courses offered by other departments (in German)

Key competencies

The University of Konstanz offers a wide range of classes and activities to help you to acquire key competencies. To find out more about this, you can browse ZEuS or have a look at the link below.

Key competencies

Language classes

The Language Institute (SLI) offers a wide range of different language classes. German classes are offered at all levels – from beginners who have no prior knowledge to intermediate or advanced learners. You can also study English and many other languages at the SLI. Please note: For some language classes, you have to apply several weeks in advance. Please note that we can recognise a maximum of 6 ECTS credits for language courses and key competencies.