Admission procedure

Launch of a new admission evaluation process

We will  introduce a new admission evaluation procedure based on a points system for the next application period.

The final grade, professional relevance, motivation and additional subject-related activities (internships, studies abroad) and/or special subject-related commitment (e.g. subject-related MOOCs, etc.) are assessed and evaluated.  

(!) The GRE test (if applicable for you) and the final grade are still important components, but are set in relation to other application elements. For instance if all required application criteria as stated above match (e.g. outstanding performance, above average grade etc.) and also the  subject qualification is given, then an applicant can also compensate for a lower GRE score
(< 155).

Please consider also the additional application documents to be completed by the applicant:
1) equivalence table and 2) personal questionnaire.  A handwritten completion of the forms is not acceptable and may lead to a non-review of the application.

More information on the new admission procedure will be available soon (mid/late September) on this Master's programme website. There you will also find how the points are accumulated.

We kindly ask you to be patient at the moment, as this website is still under construction.
Thank you very much for your understanding. We are looking forward to your applications. The application portal will be open again at the beginning of December.