Current news reported: How data influences Economy and society

The Swiss Conference on Data Science brings together experts from science and industry. There was a lot to learn at the recent conference - for example, how AI can help to reduce the effects of climate change. And how companies such as Migros and Mobiliar implement their data strategies.

The conference keynote was held by Daniel Keim, Professor for Data Analysis and Visualization at the University of Konstanz, on the subject of visual analytics.

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IEEE ICRA best paper award for CASCB researchers

Collective behaviour robotic researchers Heiko Hamann, Jonas Kuckling and Andreagiovanni Reina have won the best paper award at the 2024 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation.

Individual small robot

"Turing test" for animal systems

What advantages do robots offer in researching the behavioural rules of animal groups? How is robotics research inspired by nature? Three robotics researchers from the Cluster of Excellence "Collective Behaviour" (CASCB) at the University of Konstanz provide insights.

Lichtspiel im Foyer

Computer Science Colloquium

The Computer Science Colloquium is a new series of events organized by the department which aims to connect students and faculty with the latest scientific developments in computer science.

ZEISS Campus Tour 2024

The ZEISS Campus Truck is going on a tour of Germany and will stop at the University of Konstanz, among other places. Through exhibits and personal discussions with the ZEISS-team on site, students can interactively immerse themselves in the world of ZEISS and find out about exciting ZEISS technologies from the field of semiconductor technology.

Modelling the spread of diseases

Computer scientists from the Cluster of Excellence Collective Behaviour developed a model, that explains how collective scenarios such as diseases may proceed.

Kinder-Uni 2024: Does my computer have a super brain?

Dr. Barbara Pampel is holding a lecture as part of the Kinder-Uni:

Find out how computers store and process information. Discover what amazing things computers are already super good at - solving mountains of tasks that would take us forever. But hey, we humans also have a few tricks up our sleeves that computers can only marvel at! Find out where we are ahead and why the collaboration between man and machine is so exciting.

Thurgauer Institut für Digitale Transformation gegründet

Die Thurgauische Stiftung für Wissenschaft und Forschung gründet zusammen mit der Universität Konstanz und der HTWG Konstanz das Thurgauer Institut für Digitale Transformation. Dieses soll 2024 im geplanten Digital & Innovation Campus im Schweizer Kreuzlingen angesiedelt werden.