Selected research projects

How does the human mind process computer generated images?

The German Research Foundation has approved funding worth € 8m for the new transregional collaborative research centre "TRR 161"  The project, which is given the title "Quantitative Methods for Visual Computing", is concerned with the computer-assisted processing and representation of image information. Prof. Dr. Oliver Deussen from the University of Konstanz is vice speaker of the collaborative research center.

TRR 161

Understanding implications of colonization with algorithms

The ERC (European Research Council) has approved a 15 million € “Synergy Grant” for the new and transregional research project "NEXUS 1492" The objective of the interdisciplinary project is to gain new information about the early period of colonization in the Caribbean. The research of Prof. Dr. Ulrik Brandes about networks gets supported with 2,4 million Euro by the dutch-german cooperation project.

Nexus 1492

Light Field Imaging and Analys

The research of Prof. Dr. Bastian Goldlücke is funded by the starting grant “Light Field Imaging and Analysis” .  Starting grants are provided by th ERC (European Research Council) in order to support young researchers.

Light Field Imaging and Analysis

Can mobile technology improve health behaviour?

Prof. Dr. Harald Reiterer is part of the interdisciplinary research project SMARTACT . The main aim of SMARTACT is to develop and empirically test the efficacy of a toolbox for mobile, real-time interventions targeting normal eating patterns and physical activity by using mobile technology (such as smartphones, body monitoring). The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Talks about SMARTACT: SMARTACT Kick-Off