Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

The Bachelor’s Programme in Computer Science conveys the necessary foundations and expertise you will need to start a professional career in IT. Our students learn to apply methods and approaches of computer and information science and to manage projects. The programme teaches subject-specific skills including formal, algorithmic and mathematical skills, competencies in analysis, design, realisation and project management, technological competencies as well as interdisciplinary skills and key qualifications. Our department’s research focus is also reflected in the design of the study programme. Notwithstanding individual specialisation, graduates will have gained valuable skills in the area of methods and systems used to visualise, analyse, explore and process large information spaces. As a student on this bachelor’s programme, you are required to complete a mandatory internship or study abroad semester which will equip you with additional professional as well as social and language skills.

Our graduates are qualified to work for a variety of companies and organisations, both at the national and international levels. Taking our bachelor's degree in Computer Science will further qualify you for graduate studies in one of our master’s programmes in the field of applied computer and information science. If you meet the necessary requirements, it may even be possible for you to proceed straight to doctoral studies after earning your bachelor’s degree.

The standard period of study for the bachelor’s programme is eight semesters, with four semesters each devoted to basic and advanced studies.
During your basic studies, you will be required to complete a number of compulsory modules with a student workload of 120 ECTS credits, including:

• principles of computer science and programming,
• computer systems and networks,
• database and information systems,
• algorithms and data structures,
• software engineering and software projects,
• theoretical computer science,
• computer graphics and interactive systems,
• analysis,
• linear algebra,
• discrete structures,
• statistics or numerical analysis,
• and key qualifications.

During your advanced studies, you will also take modules worth 120 ECTS credits. In addition to “Analysis and Visualisation of Information”, which is a compulsory module, you will choose advanced courses and seminars and complete one project matching an area of specialisation offered by the department. You can also enrol in courses offered by other departments, earn key qualifications and/or take language classes. In your sixth or seventh semester, you will complete a mandatory six-month internship or study semester abroad. The bachelor's project and seminar are designed to prepare you for your bachelor's thesis (15 ECTS, three months), which you will complete in your eighth and final semester. Your overall grade is calculated from the examination results you achieved over the course of your studies, your bachelor's thesis plus an oral thesis examination.

This study programme is taught (mainly) in German. For further information, please switch your language settings to German.