Programme structure

Our master’s programme is quite flexible, which means that there is no fixed curriculum and you are relatively free to choose from the range of modules offered for master students by the Department of Computer and Information Science. Additionally, you can also attend courses offered by other departments or courses addressing key competencies (only for the two-year-programme).

To help you devise your individual study plan, we have established a range of pre-defined specializations and a mentoring programme.

Minimum requirement of credits in first two semesters

If you are in the two year master's programme and started in summer term 2020 or later, you need to complete at least 24 ECTS credits in computer science modules (basic or advanced modules) in your first two semesters to be able to continue your studies in the third semester.

If you started your master's degree before summer term 2020, slightly other regulations apply. Check your exam regulations for details.


We advise you to follow one of our pre-defined specializations as these offer more guidance in structuring your studies.

Mentoring programme

Your mentor can help you find a specialization and support you as you plan your studies. At least one or two mentoring talks are obligatory, depending on your study programme.   


To find out how to register for your courses, please visit the ZEuS portal or attend the first meeting of class. Additional a video introduction to ZEuS for students can be found here. Some aspects of the registration process may vary as it is up to the individual lecturers to organise the registration formalities.

Please note that you must also register for all examinations and also for non-graded courses. Further information on exam registration can be found here.

Available master's courses

You can find information about all courses offered as part of the master's programme in ZEuS. Please visit the pages of our research groups to view a thematic collection of available courses.

Cooperation agreement between the University of Konstanz and the HTWG Konstanz

Students at the University of Konstanz and the HTWG Konstanz may attend courses at either university as per a cooperation agreement between the University of Konstanz and the HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences.

Please consult the Examination Board ahead of time to find out whether the course you intend to complete can be recognized at your home university. Your point of contact is the director of the departmental administration, Dr Martin Brunner. In order to have coursework and performance assessments completed at the HTWG Konstanz recognized at the University of Konstanz, you will need to submit the corresponding request form to the Examination Office.

University of Konstanz students may attend courses at the HTWG Konstanz as long as enough space is available for them. Please also note that the HTWG Konstanz has slightly different semester and lecture periods than the University of Konstanz.

Courses offered by other departments

In the two-year master's programme, you can take a number of supplementary courses offered by other departments. A list of general suggestions is provided by the Central Study Advisory Service. Additionally, we have put together a list of courses which are especially suited for Computer and Information Science students. Please visit the ZEuS portal for an overview of all courses offered by other departments. Simply select the relevant study programme to view your options.

Key competencies

Key competencies can be acquired in key competency courses offered by our department, such as "Scientific practices for students" or in courses offered by the Centre for Transferable Skills, the Language Institute or the International Office. For most students, completing the course "Scientific practices for students" or another subject-specific writing course is mandatory. Check your exam regulations for details.

To find out more about key competencies, you can browse ZEuS or have a look at the link below.